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The latest Discuss & Do was once again a well attended interactive workshop with over 25 attendees learning and sharing their experiences to support the small businesses in the town. This time the evening centred on What is a Brand?

Alan Morden opened the evening with a brief talk, sharing some of his experiences while working with an international design agency in creating a brand for something as large as country (New Zealand), or as simple as a village bakery, along with his most recent project in helping the Frome Chamber of Commerce.

We all have a brand (the original word comes from branding cattle in the USA), and it is our way of presenting ourselves to the world.. do we choose that carefully, are we consistent with it, and is it in everything we do?

Hannah Morden of DNA Worldwide then facilitated the workshop to encourage participants to write down the five key or unique things that underpin our businesses, and then discuss these within a small group and then as a whole. It was a lively debate, sharing our uniqueness, with the group discussing and providing feedback to all.

What was particularly interesting was when people could connect to those unique or special things about their business, suddenly it became so much more alive and simple to communicate.

The next Discuss & Do will be on 27th September and will again be an interactive session, this time focused on improving our IT Skills.