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Mendip District Council has done a review of its Car Parking Strategy. Although there is as yet no formal consultation on it we have a copy which includes the following:-

MDC propose to increase car parking charges by the increase in CPI rounded up to the nearest 10p in the summer. For the Cattle Market, Cork Street and Merchants Barton this would mean:-
1 hr £1.10 up 10p
2 hrs £1.50 up 10p
3 hrs £2.00 up 20p
4 hrs £3.60 up 20p
9 hrs £5.90 up 30p

MDC propose to increase car parking charges annually by CPI rounded up to the nearest 10p.

Car parking charges will be introduced in Frome for Sundays at the same rate as the rest of the week (and presumably also for Bank Holidays).

MDC proposes a 60% increase season tickets to £708 per year for the Cattle Market and Merchants Barton and a 67% increase to £372 per year for North Parade, South Parade and Rook Lane and Wine Street.

MDC is still considering Boxworks in the Cattle Market and selling all or part of North Parade for residential development.

The Chamber is considering a comprehensive and reasoned response to the Portfolio Holder. This will include a request for access to data and suggest that there needs to be a co-ordinated review of car parking in Frome including the relationship between off street and on street parking.

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