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The Somerset Business Mentoring Programme launched in March 2023 and to date has over 40 mentors who have been matched with over 50 mentees…they are now in a position to recruit more mentees so if you feel this could be useful to you, read on…

‘If I had any doubts about the impact this programme could have, it was dispelled yesterday when I met an ambitious, talented, exceptional young woman at the start of her career, in a situation where she could have significant influence on the success of the business.
We mentors volunteer our time and knowledge and I came away from the session with a sense of excitement and optimism for the impact this initiative can have on Somerset businesses. Thank you for inviting me to participate.’
David Holmes, Mentor.

What’s the scheme all about?
Somerset Council has launched this new ambitious mentoring programme to match executive and senior management level business leaders and successful entrepreneurs with local businesses needing support. They understand the challenges with running and growing a business and the value of an impartial sounding board. They can offer sector experience or a specialism in growth strategy, finance, marketing, HR, e-commerce, bid writing, acquisition, exit strategy, and much more!

What sort of backgrounds do the mentors have?
Our mentors have been selected from executive and senior management level business leaders or successful entrepreneurs. For example, our mentors include a former CEO of a top NASDAQ quoted company, a Somerset coffee roaster who now supplies 200 outlets, a soft drinks manufacturer who supplies major retailers at home and abroad, a senior transformation executive who has worked with UK and US quoted businesses, a multi-million-pound NHS equipment supplier and a senior commercial lawyer, to name just a few!

How long does the programme last for?
The scheme offer businesses over 1 year old, up to 6 hrs of free mentoring over a 6-month period although this can easily be extended by mutual agreement if a mentor/mentee relationship is flourishing.

How can I find out more information?
Please email for more information and to apply.

Download mentee flyer here.