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Frome Town Council is considering the following proposal on Wednesday 17th July; –

Frome Town Council has a moral responsibility to protect public health and the local environment. Until there is a consensus that 5G wireless radiation is harmless to humans and the environment, FTC adopts the precautionary principle and opposes the roll out 5G in the town.

We are aware of concerns expressed about 5G.  New technology is often met with concern and opposition.

Good communications are essential for businesses in Frome.  Neither the town nor the surrounding areas are well served with good broadband availability although we have been promised that for many years.

It isn’t likely that 5G is going to be arriving in Frome any time soon, but it would be wrong for it to be prevented unless and until there is good and reliable evidence of harm, outweighing the benefits.

We therefore opposed the proposed resolution to be put to Frome Town Council on 17th July 2018, on the grounds that it is premature and that there should be wider consultation with the business community and better evidence before the Town Council adopts such a strong position on this subject.