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Consultation on planning

Feb 8, 2017

Mendip District Council is launching a final stage of consultation on an important new planning document which sets out the council’s requirements when planning permission is sought for the change of use of a community facility or employment site.

The first stage of consultation took place in November and December last year and now the council is asking for views on the amended document.

Council policy states that applicants must demonstrate that sites in these types of use are no longer needed before planning permission for a change of use can be granted.

The new Supplementary Planning Document has been drafted to set out the minimum requirements for marketing and also sets out the evidence that will be needed to show that adequate marketing has been carried out.
Frome Chamber responded to the first draft with general approval as this required the kind of evidence we had objected had not been produced by applicants seeking to build houses on employment sites.

Find the consultation here.