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On Tuesday 25th October, the Frome & District Chamber of Commerce and Frome Town Council hosted another of their highly popular Discuss & Do series. This month, local businesses and community enterprises came together at The Cornerhouse to discuss the importance of Health & Safety in the workplace and identify key issues, as well as take away a skeleton of what is needed to set up a policy for your business.

Mike Herbert of Showsmiths Ltd and Rowena Stewart of The Lighthouse joined this month’s Discuss & Do to share their experiences and highlight necessary points when considering Health & Safety. The evening led to a lively discussion with many attendees sharing their own issues, anecdotes, and solutions when handing policies and risk assessments.

As is always the case the discussion unearthed plenty of gold, with practical tips on good-housekeeping, keeping sign-in sheets active, and making key documents readily available in the event of an emergency when time is short and panic can set in. It also became clear how important the training of staff members is, and that a strong workforce is created through a team’s ability to take care of themselves, their co-workers and customers without putting themselves at risk.

To keep up to date with the latest Discuss & Do news and to find out more about future events, contact Charlie Orr at Frome Town Council or call 01373 465757.